Who is Dr. Sally?

Dr Sally Boyd focuses on transformation and the simple joy of natural health in her holistic, yet practical medical practice in Pahoa, Hawaii, and in her travelling consultation and speaking practice.

Dr. Sally was inspired to change her medical career path and study Naturopathic Medicine as a specialty after a wise ND helped her heal from a serious chronic condition which did not respond to conventional medicine.  She graduated from Naropa University (Boulder, C0) with a BA degree in the psychology of health and healing, and then studied thru the Master’s level in transformative NLP counseling ‘magic’.  She practiced as an NLP therapist while getting her Doctorate from Bastyr University (Seattle, WA). 

After graduating in 1999, she completed a vigorous 2 year Residency program in Family Medicine at Emerald City Clinic.  This experience helped her to be well prepared for the challenges of rural family medicine.  

Dr Sally also loves speaking to groups about various health and medical topics such as menopause, sexuality and health, diabetes, heart disease, anxiety, and the wacky world of medical politics in a light, fun, informative style that will (at least) keep you awake.

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I believe that each person uniquely expresses the universal vital force of nature, and that each of us deserves to feel that we are perfect, healthy and whole at the core of our being. My job, therefore, is to nourish and support the whole person, while finding and removing obstacles to the expression of your own innate vitality.

What can she do for you?

Dr Sally loves treating people of all ages (and can find something that will help those at any income level), but has focused in recent years on helping women (and men) transition thru the phases of life with grace and vigor thru hormone balancing, BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, NLP counseling and other natural methods of achieving healthy weight and energy levels. 

She is also well versed in helping those on healing vacations set up a long term health plan that will carry over and improve the rest of their lives.  She sometimes uses her beloved Icelandic horses as angels of change in equine assisted therapies and communication classes. 

Hugsy & Fylla say hello

Dr Sally also has a passion for helping people with ‘strange’ or ‘untreatable’ illnesses, stubborn weight gain, thyroid problems and weird digestive challenges. If the ‘regular’ Docs have given up on you, Dr Sally gets that gleam in her eye and gets to work.