Counseling & Coaching for Health 

(NeuroLinguistic Programming ‘Counseling Magic’)

Dr. Sally Boyd,  Master NLP Practitioner

Are you ‘stuck’ when it comes to a particular issue? 
Ready to change a limiting pattern in your life? 
Do you have beliefs about yourself or the world around you that are blocking your joy, healing and growth?  Do you have a clue about what needs to be done to make your life better, but just can’t seem to ‘get there’?   
Are you ready for a change, now, in just one or a few sessions, that will last a lifetime? 
If so, you are ready for NLP coaching as practiced by Dr. Sally Boyd!    

Want more of those warm and fuzzy feelings? Dr Sally uses  NLP to gently  remove obstacles to your natural bliss. . 

Want more of those warm and fuzzy feelings? Dr Sally uses  NLP to gently  remove obstacles to your natural bliss. . 

 Counseling and coaching with Dr. Sally is:

• Compassionate and Gentle

• Focused on rapid outcomes and results in one or a short series of sessions, rather than the longer style of most contemporary counseling and psychology today.

• Fun!  (Relatively, that is.  Let’s say it is lighthearted and invigorating in style.)

• Designed to provide the measurable results desired by those who want help in getting to the next level, in the area of health or any other aspect of life.  For example, a change in a limiting belief or self-destructive behavior, elimination of a phobia,  breakthrough in a depression, creation of a successful strategy, or resolution of a painful limiting inner conflict.

• Practical.  This therapeutic style is deliberately designed to give you the most ‘bang for your counseling buck!’  Whatever level of functioning you have now, Dr. Boyd can help you get the tools you need to jump ahead.

What is this NLP anyway?

NLP has been described as ‘counseling magic’ for its gentle, rapid efficiency in helping clients achieve specific goals. NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) is a rather odd name for a dynamic set of skills, techniques and insights gleaned directly from many highly successful therapists and healers such as Virginia Satir, Fritz Peals and Milton Ericson. NLP is designed to help those of us who are already basically functional (surviving in the world) and who would like to resolve an inner conflict or limitation or move through emotional blocks (such as phobia, panic attack, depression or self defeating behavior).  NL P helps you increase success in a specific or focused area such as: anxiety or depression, phobia and trauma recovery, communication with a loved one, limit setting, decision making and problem solving.  With NLP we can rapidly change self defeating habits, replacing them with naturally effective and lasting behaviors.  For example, making a lasting change from acting on an addiction to a healthy exercise habit. 

In the long learning process that is life, an NLP session is like getting to read the ‘Cliff Notes’ the day before a big test. Your session is designed to free up emotional energy and give you a boost up to a happier, more effective level of functioning.  Couldn’t everyone use a bit of that?

Contact Dr. Sally Boyd in Hawaii at (808) 965-2233.

NLP provides a gentle and rapidly effective way to connect and learn from each other in a safe and loving way,  These skills enhance and are easily integrated into all healing types.

 Curious? Want these skills for YOUR healing practice?  Dr Sally will be teaching an intensive seminar for healers and health professionals at Emerald City Clinic in Seattle Washington in January, 2014.  Learn and receive healing at the same time. See our Events and Adventures page for more info.