Below are some recent testimonials from patients


Kind of late and I’m kind of tired, but I could not end the evening without expressing one more time how much I deeply appreciate the time you gave us today.  It’s a treasure that I would wish for every young woman - and for those who miss it when they are young, your sharing is a treasure for a middle aged woman such as myself.
It’s not everyone who can be an effective translator.  You were able to create us to be able to make truly informed choices.  That is the impression I had leaving  your office.  And that meant a lot of work educating us to that point.  A lot of translating the medical world into layman’s terms.
A very fine book it would make.  I have a local publisher just in case you do go down that track. You have to realize how much internet research I did and how empty it came up, compared to your presentation.  Right down to the testosterone hugs!
Can I say one more thing.  I appreciated how you sat in the seat and spoke for so many different perspectives.  Older men.  Younger men.  Young women.  This medical perspective, that other one.  The religious.   A masterful job of not putting any of them down really - just speaking from a perspective and telling a story that sheds light on how, according to our own natural design, things can end up how they do.
Thank you for being a mother to our Waiele.  May you be showered with blessings.

Kaika Welch, Pahoa, HI


“I am so impressed with Dr. Sally's diagnostic skills, clinical skills (which had to be applied partly in person and partly over the phone), and prescriptive skills (which included things on food, routine, supplements) and general educating on the things I need to know to manage this condition, and heal. I've been blessed in my life to have good medical care in several traditions, and Dr. Sally is tops!
Thank you for giving me the tools to be healthy again!”

Margaret Mahan, Pahoa, HI, 10-13


“I would heartily recommend Dr. Sally Boyd as a Naturopathic Physician to anyone and everyone with health concerns. I have found Dr. Boyd to be exceptional at explaining complicatedmedical concepts in understandable terms and really being an excellent "medical detective" in figuring out exactly what's going on, identifying problems, and coming up with excellent solutions.

The thing I like best about working with Dr. Sally is her ability to be really smart and professional in diagnosing and sizing up health issues at the same time that she relates to me as her patient in an extremely human and caring way. I feel very fortunate and appreciative that I have found someone like her as my doctor and would without hesitation encourage anyone with health problems or questions   (which I suppose would be everyone) to make an appointment with Dr. Sally Boyd without delay.”

Josh Bloomgarden, East Hawaii, October 7, 2013

"Dr. Sally is kind and brilliant. I have never seen anyone change as dramatically as my sister did after only a few sessions with her. Her suicidal depression of over 40 years simply lifted- and the results have lasted!"

Brooksie Goddard, Keaau, HI

“During one of Dr. Sally's wonderful classes on Women's Wellness, as I was listening to the incredible wealth of information pouring from her lips, I had an awakening to some of my own issues. I asked her after the class if she thought thyroid could be an issue, and she immediately became a clinician, asking me the checklist of questions I later discovered are the range of symptoms for auto-immune thyroid disease - Hashimoto's. She was bang on, as the blood work confirmed. In the meantime I had returned to my home in Vancouver, and so her follow up was by telephone. The distance didn't matter much, as I came away with foods to eat and avoid, new information about the adrenal gland and its interaction with thyroid hormone production, routines to follow, and the dose of thyroid I needed to get started on recovery. Overall a pretty wonderful experience with wonderful results.”

MJ Mahan, Vancouver, BC